Barbara Eden

TWHBEA #20303326

 This gorgeous black sabino mare was a show mare, but will now be on the trails. I am so excited about her, she not only is a sweetheart, but has a ride out of this world. I rode her for the 1st time the other day in about 3 years, and she never missed a lick. This is the kind of mare that I am proud to own.

Bred to Final's Silver Charm for a spring 2010 foal!


Chance's Secret Outlaw

TWHBEA #20608233


This filly has been under saddle for over a year now, and is great on the trails. She neck reins, which is a great plus in my book since we do ride in the woods alot.  She has the heart and stamina of racehorse. She is very natural gaited with alot of front end action. We are very excited  that we bred her to G.W.'s Dangerous Buck for a 2010 foal. This combination should produce a phenominal foal.


                                 Registration # 20503207

I've rode this mare alot on the trails this year, and she is a good one. She was just confirmed to be in foal to Ace's Bayou Blue for a spring 2013 foal. I will be so excited to have one of Blue's foals on the place



Mountain's Sweet Melissa

TWHBEA # 20101288

RHBAA # 1010624

This is also a fine riding mare. She is very laid back and easy to handle. She foundered a few years ago when she foaled, and retained her placenta. She is the dam of Charm's Silver Spirit, Charm's Silver Shooter, A Supreme Act to Follow, and Charm's Silver Player.

Registration # 20901775


 This filly is green broke, but will have lots of miles on her before long. She is a perlino with the double agouti gene. I think she will be an asset as both a trail mount and a broodmare. She is very sweet, and easy to handle. I think she may be a keeper.



TWHBEA # 20213607


This is a daughter of Skywatch, and and granddaughter of Deja Blu. She is currently under saddle and doing well. Toula foaled a big, handsome grey colt Fast and Furious in 2007. She is back on the trails, and doing great. 

She will be bred to Charm in 2009.

Spurs Little Princess

Thank you so much, Rosetta Callahan of Bledsoe Ky, for allowing me to purchase this fine filly. She is everything and more that you said she was. Princess is a name that is perfect for this filly. She is puppy dog gentle, very easy to handle, and has a very nice gait. I am very excited to start her in 2010. She will hit the trails first, and later will become a potential girlfriend of G.W.'s Dangerous Buck. I feel very fortunate to own this filly, and hope that she turns out to be what I expect.

Sire: Spur's Cool Alen Reg. 20307321
Dam: Heart Attack Princess D.
DOB: 8/24/2008

Registration # 204074007


This stout mare was previously used for field trials. I want to thank Dr. Kristine Hammons for allowing me to purchase her. She is bred to Mister Blue (blue roan), to foal in August of this year. I'm so excited.


 Temptor's Gypsy Rose

Thanks so much Bennie and Shirley Franks for letting me buy this fine filly. I have big hopes for her. Gypsy is the last purchase made here on the farm. She is a little shy, but is a sucker for a scratching and a brush. No need to worry about the gait in this one, she has it. She is forver gaiting at liberty in the pasture for no reason at all. She will be my 1st 2010 mount to train, and I am very excited. She will hit the trails, and hopefully one day make a girlfriend for G.W.'s Dangerous Buck. I am very proud to own her.

Sire: Deuce's Temptor Reg. # 20404410
Dam: Maker's Red Threat Reg. # 9711987


DOB = 06/11/1998

Venus was one of my personal favorite riding mares till she went blind. It worked out ok, because she knows the pasture, and is a very easy mare to deal with. Venus will live her days out here. Her foals for some reason are huge. Another interesting fact is that she has thrown me 3 sabinos. I can only put that off on her Grand Father, Ebony's Mountain Man. She has already thrown more sabino babies than my other sabinos. The blindness could not have happened to a better mare, because I would have kept her anyway. She is just that good.

Zydico's Pride

I bought Santana, as we call her, from a farm in Kentucky. She was bred to a champagne stallion. Of course, she threw me a chestnut filly. I was not dissapointed. This filly is awesome in both my opionion, and her owners. Santana's previous 
owner said that he had never rode her, but thought she may have been ridden before. When the foal was weaned, I saddled her up and took off. Of course she had been ridden, she was a natural. I gave her the year off after the filly, so we will be excited about her coming 2010 gray foal. 

DOB = 10/04/2001
Sire: Generator's Santana (WGC)
Dam: Pride's Zydico


Mountain Sabrina

TWHBEA # 19900433

RHBAA #990851 

This mare is awesome. I put a beginner on her on a 15 mile trail ride

 just this past Sat. She will be hitting the trails again. 


                                     Hopelessly Generated